“Clarity is the most important asset. Once you are clear, everything happens! When you are clear, inspiration (and) perfect information shows up.”
— Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Joe Vitale and
Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

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Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call Notes – September 1, 2009

Part 2: Zero Limits Updates |

Part 1: Current Events, Drunvalo Melchizedek


During the second hour of our program, we want to tell you about some of the fantastic new information about Zero Limits and the Ho'oponopono process that has emerged since our last call.

As we stated in our announcement for this call, particularly noteworthy are some wonderful new "Zero Limits" seminar videos that have been released in the past couple of months featuring Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len presenting Ho'oponopono.

We have talked about Zero Limits and Ho'oponopono on our calls several times before. We feel it is very important to review if from time to time, especially now that there is this great new material to talk about. And for those of you who may not be familiar with it, Ho'oponopono is an amazing healing and transformational tool that can produce miracles in your life!

Now the details about the videos we will be discussing tonight, can found on our web site where you will find our comprehensive reviews, along with our extended Ho'oponopono section.

The first video is entitled the "Zero Limits II Seminar - Live in Maui" and the second video is, "Subliminal Manifestations: Zero Limits". Both of these videos come with our highest recommendations!

So what we would like to do is go over some the new Zero Limits material in detail and play a few of the very best highlights from these seminars in which the master teacher, Dr. Hew Len, will take you through some of the Ho'oponopono processes.

So let's begin by asking the question, what is Ho'oponopono?

Ho'oponopono, which is pronounced as "hoh OH pohno pohno," is defined as "to make right or to rectify an error," in the Hawaiian language. An error is a memory (or memories), or data, that is stuck in the subconscious mind and replays over and over and over again.

Ho'oponopono is also the ancient Hawaiian system of healing, problem solving and transformation. Ho'oponopono is about disengaging from the world, which essentially means, disengaging from the memories that are replaying in the subconscious mind.

(More information on Ho'oponopono can be found in the article Beyond Traditional Means: Ho'oponopono.)

All our our conflicts, problems, pain, suffering, confusion, doubt, etc. are merely memories or data, replaying over and over in the subconscious mind. And how those memories got is that we are 100% responsible for putting them there. That data comes from the conscious mind and it will stay stuck in the subconscious mind until we clear it out or "clean" it.

Cleaning means to transmute any negative energies by turning them over to the Divine Intelligence or Divine Creator that lies within all of us. Ho'oponopono shows us exactly how to do this process of cleaning and transmuting negative energy to pure light.

Ho'oponopono originated from the islands of Hawaii, which became our 50th state in 1959. By bringing this chain of islands in the South Pacific into the United States, it essentially brought an ancient spiritual consciousness of the indigenous world, into the more modern world consciousness.

Thereby, not only bridging the ancient/indigenous world to the modern world, but also bringing the eastern and western worlds together. In addition, it is theorized by many, that Hawaii is a part of the lost continent of Lemuria, which is also known as Mu.

Dr. Hew Len has also stated that Ho'oponopono came to Earth originally from a far off galaxy, although he does not specify which galaxy it is nor does he feel it is important to even know.

So now we are going to play a few audio clips from the video series, the "Zero Limits II Seminar - Live in Maui" for you tonight.

From the very start of this seminar, which was recorded in late November – early December 2007, Dr. Hew Len lays out his intent to take the audience and the viewer to the very core issues by addressing five key questions:

– 1) Who am I?
– 2) What is a problem?
– 3) Where is the problem?
– 4) How can the problem be solved?
– 5) What is the purpose of existence?

So let's listen to Dr. Hew Len explain the five key questions that Ho'oponopono addresses:

Dr. Hew Len on the five key questions from the "Zero Limits II Seminar – Live in Maui " audio/video clip

(See our Ho'oponopono section Part 3: Glossary of Ho'oponopono Words, Phrases and Definitions for more information.)

So Dan will tell us all about the many number of cleaning tools.

Cleaning tools are employed in the Ho'oponopono cleaning process which assist in "erasing" negative energies or memories trapped within the subconscious mind.

Although some of the tools may seem odd, if not somewhat silly, it is only our conscious minds (the intellect) which judges them to be so. In point of fact, all of these cleaning tools have come through Divine inspiration and therefore, may appear to be somewhat inexplicable to the so-called, "rational" conscious mind, that thinks it knows everything. When it point of fact, the conscious mind is severely limited when compared to the subconscious mind, the super consciousness or Divine intelligence.

These are just a sampling of the numerous cleaning tools that have been recognized. Dozens of other tools will be made available to you upon completion of a Ho'oponopono workshop with Dr. Hew Len and/or other instructors. See the SITH or IZI, Inc. web site for a schedule of upcoming classes.

A list of Ho'oponopono cleaning tools:

I am sorry / Please forgive me / Thank you / I love you

Blue Solar Water – cleaning tool that consists of water that is blessed by Divinity in a process of putting tap water into a blue glass bottle and setting it in sunlight, or under an incandescent light bulb, (not fluorescent) for a period of at least an hour. This water can be used for drinking, cooking and/or bathing. (See How to make Blue Solar Water.)

Breathing exercises –works to cancel out memories, clear out depression, release Earth-bound spirits and negative vibrations, shuts down all psychic doors that are open. Also can be used to overcome jet lag and as protection when flying by doing one round per every hour of flying time, before boarding a plane. One round of a breathing exercise is done by inhaling through the nose to the count of seven, holding for the count of seven, then exhaling through the mouth to the count of seven, then holding again to the count of seven. Repeat nine times. Also can be done anywhere from seven to ten times and for seven to ten rounds.

Ceeport – a variety of products such as lapel pins, stickers, straws, caps, etc., that perform a cleaning process on objects and people. Ceeport stands for"clean, erase, erase as you return to port, or, come home to heaven or paradise." Ceeport products can be found at Mabel Katz's web site.

Ice blue – cleaning tool, which can be spoken out loud or repeated silently in the mind.

dew drop –cleaning tool, which can be spoken out loud or repeated silently in the mind.

fern plant – cleaning tool that can either be touched or spoken out loud.

eraser – symboic cleaning tool for erasing memories or performing the cleaning process.

strawberries – cleaning tool that can be eaten, in which only one molecule is necessary to ingest. Assists in clearing of concerns about weight.

blueberries – cleaning tool that can be eaten, in which only one molecule is necessary to ingest. Opens angelic dimensions during the cleaning process and also relieves depression.

bluebells – cleaning tool, that is a species of flower, which can be spoken out loud or repeated silently in the mind.

blue bonnets – cleaning tool, another species of flower.

hot chocolate – cleaning tool that can be drunk in which its purpose is to put God first. Drinking hot chocolate erases eons of putting the world first, ahead of the Divine.

corn, corn chips, blue corn chips, blue cornmeal made by the Arrow Company – also known as "maize" and are cleaning tools that originates from ancient grass. Can either be thought of, spoken out loud (the word "maize") or eaten by sprinkling on food. Alternatively, a pinch of corn meal can be put into a closed plastic container in water and a capped lid then set aside in a room. In that form, it works to create a vortex and absorb, or ward off, dark spirits and entities such as when traveling and staying in hotel rooms.

ginger snap cookies – cleaning tool that can be eaten.

M n' M's – cleaning tool that can be eaten.

vanilla ice cream – cleaning tool that can be eaten.

pretzels – cleaning tool that can be eaten.

pancakes – cleaning tool that can be eaten.

jellybeans – cleaning tool that can be eaten.

Dr. Hew Len on cleaning tools from the "Zero Limits Seminar II – Live in Maui" audio/video clip

Dr. Hew Len repeatedly states that subconscious, or the Inner Child, holds a mortgage on the soul. In that, the subconscious is holding all of the accumulated memories of your entire life within it. And it is perpetually replaying these memories which then show up as problems, conflicts, pain, suffering, etc., in our lives.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to learn how to transmute or clean these memories from the subconscious mind. And that is precisely what Ho'oponopono allows us to do.

Now let's listen to Dr. Hew Len talking explaining about the mortgage on the soul from the "Subliminal Manifestations: Zero Limits" DVD:

"Who is your enemy? It is the data in you, you put it there, no one else did. Jesus said love thine enemies, which is your data the idea is to love your enemies.

You have a mortgage on your soul which is the old data, and if you don't pay that mortgage off, which I am going to show you how to do (through the Inner Child Meditation below), that mortgage is going to foreclose on you.

Mortgage means death, if you don't clean it up and will foreclose on you.

You are perfect, you don't have to do anything about you, you just have to do something about the data. You don't have to do anything. It just happens!"

Dr. Hew Len terms the relationship between the Mother and the Child, or in other words, that relationship between the conscious and the subconscious mind, to be the most important in all of creation.

The inner child is the subconscious mind and the Inner Child Meditation is the process of connecting the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, or in other words, connecting the Mother to the child.

All memories from the beginning of creation reside in the child or the subconscious mind. The Inner Child Meditation is considered to be one of the most profound cleaning tools of all. (More information can be found on the DVD, "Subliminal Manifestations: Zero Limits".)

So now we are going to play for you Dr. Hew Len taking us through the very powerful Inner Child Meditation.

Dr. Hew Len on the Inner Child Meditation audio/video clip.

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