“The Mayan Calendar is not predicting the end of the world in 2012, but the start of a new era.”

— Carl Johan Calleman, author, reseacher

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2012 – Part 1: Overview

2012 – Part 3: Conditions and Preparations

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Carl Johan Calleman

Carl Johan Calleman Official Home

Carl Johan Calleman on Red Ice Creations – July 17, 2008

Carl Johan Calleman: "Mayan Calendar and Transforming Consciousness" on
Theater of the Mind – February 1, 2008

John Major Jenkins

John Major Jenkins Official Home

John Major Jenkins interview on Conscious Media Network

John Major Jenkins on Coast to Coast AM –
September 19, 2007

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John Major Jenkins interview on Red Ice Creations –
November 22, 2007

John Major Jenkins: "Mayan Cosmology and Philosophy" – Theater of the Mind –
March 19, 2008

Michael Tsarion

Michael Tsarion Official Home

The Age of Revealing: Michael Tsarion on Coast to Coast AM – May 24, 2006

Michael Tsarion on Coast to Coast AM

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2012 – The Evolution of Consciousness, Spirit and Planet Earth (cont.)

Part 2: The Changing Face of Time

2012 – Part 3: Conditions and Preparations |

2012 – Part 4: Resources, Confirmations and Quotes |

2012 – Part 5: More Resources, Confirmations and Quotes |

2012 – Part 1: Overview

by Scott Mowry


It is not necessary to go too far out on a limb to realize our world is changing. And changing dramatically.

The old way of doing business seems no longer be working. Massive shifts in economic, governmental, political, educational, military and communication systems are rapidly emerging. Economies are failing and financial institutions are being turned upside down. Secrets are being exposed and dirty deeds are being aired. Empires are being torn down and a world population is questioning whether an ongoing "war on terror" and draconian oppression is the type of world they want themselves, and their future generations, to live in.

The other significant development that is becoming increasingly impossible to ignore is our ever-evolving notion of time. Many people across the planet are feeling a major shift in the concept of time as they have known it. Time appears as if it is disintegrating, or melting away, as days, weeks, months and years are moving ever and ever more rapidly. Many people feel they can no longer keep up with the current time cycles and continuously feel as they just trying to catch up.

This is a result of the rising frequency of the planet as measured by the aforementioned Schumann Resonance, which is essentially defined as the heartbeat of the Earth. For centuries, the Earth vibrated at approximately 7.8 mhz cycles/second. However, since 1980, that number has been rising steadily, and now stands at over 12 mhz. When it hits the magical number of 13 mhz, the Earth, and human consciousness, is predicted to make a dramatic evolutionary shift.

There are many experts who have done tremendous research into 2012, the Mayan calendar and how it relates to this great shift in consciousness that is unfolding, as we speak. These include researchers, authors and speakers such as David Wilcock, Jose Argüelles, Gregg Braden, Jay Weidner, John Major Jenkins, Barbara Hand Clow, Daniel Pinchbeck, Dannion Brinkley, Dunvalo Melchizadek, and Carl Johan Calleman.

Of these researchers, Swedish biologist and scientist, Carl Johan Calleman, stands out among them because he has concluded that the Mayan calendar actually ends in October 2011. Mr. Calleman has extensively uncovered the Mayan records, and claims to have gained the trust of many Mayan elders, who also believe in the 2011 time frame. Mr. Calleman is supported in his theories by fellow Mayan researcher Barbara Hand Clow, who has expounded upon his analysis of the records.

On the left hand column, on each page, you will find numerous resources from these Mayan/2012 researchers and scholars. We have gathered together a wide range of excellent videos, radio interviews and web resources that you can investigate, right within our site.

You will also find further researchers and resources on the left hand column of this page, as well as, the previous page and page 3, of our special 2012 section. On page 4, we have assembled some very inspiring words and messages from numerous highly credible 2012 researchers, that are guaranteed to generate excitement within you regarding this amazing event that is about to unfold on Planet Earth.

We would encourage you to take advantage of all this incredible work that has been done by these experts.

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2012 – Part 3: Conditions and Preparations |

2012 – Part 4: Resources, Confirmations and Quotes |

2012 – Part 5: More Resources, Confirmations and Quotes |

2012 – Part 1: Overview

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