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NOVEMBER 10, 2013

The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn

– Scott Mowry was the guest on The Sedona Connection radio program with host Dave Schmidt on Wednesday, September 12, 2013 at 6 PM PST

The Divine Province: Birthing New Earth by Jaemes McBride & Ed Rychkun

Financial Tyranny Collapsing at Free-Fall Speed

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– Scott Mowry was the first guest for 2013 on the Straight from the Heart radio program on the BBS Network on Saturday, January 5, 2013. To listen to this show visit our Radio section.

– New Commentary: 2013: Power to the Positive, The Rule of the Heart & The Return of the Divine Feminine

Extraterrestrial Mummy Found In Egypt

– Scott Mowry returned to the Miracle Paths to Empowerment conference call with host Connie A. Jimenez on Thursday, December 13, 2012.

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Will 2012 Be the Year of Freedom?

– New Blog Post: Spectacular Ships Dock and Decloak Over Mt. Rainier on an Early Autumn Day

– Scott Mowry returned to the Medium in Our Midst radio show on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

China Launching Gold Backed Worldwide Currency - Now the Americans will have to find a reason to go to war against China !!

David Wilcock: OLYMPICS 2012: A Mithraic Illuminati Ritual?

– Scott Mowry was the guest on the July 31, 2012 edition of Lets' Talk 2012 & Beyond radio show with hosts Dave Schmidt and Sierra Neblina at 9 PM EST & 6 PM PST. Listen to the show here.

The Great Revealing: US Marshals Expose Biggest Scandal in History

– Scott Mowry was a guest on The Point Is radio show on community radio station KZFR-FM 90.1 out of Chico, California with host Anna Kastner on Saturday, July 21, 2012

– Listen to Scott Mowry on the Medium in Our Midst radio show from Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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DIVINE INTERVENTION: ETs Defeating Old World Order

World Liberation Day, May 5, 2012

MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks

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DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I -- Defeating Financial Tyranny

Pope Benedict to step down April 15 2012

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The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny, Part II: History Lesson

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–– The Jerusalem Hug begins on July 3, 2011

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–– Media Disinformation About Disclosure, Ascension

–– Official Government Disclosure Has Begun

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–– The memo that 'proves aliens landed at Roswell'... released online by the FBI

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–– Hackers strike at MasterCard to support WikiLeaks

–– WikiLeaks: new diplomatic cables contain UFO details, Julian Assange says

–– China's October Surprise III: The Fight for Disclosure

–– UFOs predicted over Moscow and London in January 2011

–– Scott Mowry appeared on the Ohio Exopolitics Radio Show on Wednesday, December 1, 2010, Listen to this interview in our Radio section

–– China's October Surprise II: Earth's "Quarantine" Has Lifted

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Basic I Class Schedule
has been released at the official
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The Realization of the Impossible Dream

• 7,000 Years of Slavery On the Verge of Collapse

• Numerous signs pointing to November 2013 as potential start of major events

• Variety of possible dramatic scenarios about to unfold?

News | November 10, 2013

Reported by Scott Mowry |

For more news stories see our News Archives

Have you ever wondered what freedom feels like? Not this phony, canned kind of freedom we have been sold in the so-called “free world” but real, true, honest-to-goodness freedom? Unlimited, boundless and without restraints. Without restrictions. Without any limitations whatsoever.

What is it like to be truly free?

Free to do and be anything you wish so long as you cause no harm to another.

Can you even imagine what it would be like to experience freedom on that level?

Chances are we have no clue what real freedom is. We do not possess the consciousness necessary to understand what it feels like to be truly free.

Yet here we stand, in the year 2013 and the very pure ideal of freedom is actually within our grasp as never before. I mean really a great possibility has arrived.

With each and every passing day, the people of the world grow ever more resolute to taste the fruits of true and real freedom.

Freedom from worry, stress and anxiety. Freedom from suffering, pain and doubt. Freedom from debt and obligation to an insatiable bureaucratic monster which knows no limits.

Freedom from slavery and servitude to a long, corrupted economic system based upon fraud, avarice and greed. Freedom from the restrictions of poverty, lack and hardship.

These freedoms are now coming more and more sharply into focus. Many are so close now we can taste them. We can smell them in the air. We can feel them deep within our bones. Have you been feeling them ever close now?

These freedoms will be as sweet and sublime as one can possibly envision. They will be beyond the wildest dreams we could ever conjure up within our minds. Even beyond the limits of our imagination.

And yes indeed, the sleeping giant has awoken.

Yet as we inch ever close to our liberation, many so overcome with fear, paranoia and disillusionment cannot even envision the freedoms we speak of. They have far too much invested in their pain, their suffering and their victim-hood to see beyond the fog.

Granted, when we look around at the world we can see an enormous amount of negativity, corruption and outright crises. We are inundated with these conditions on daily basis. And quite frankly, many have grown completely weary and exhausted from the current state humanity finds itself in.

Yet, as the saying goes –– it is always darkest before the dawn.

Despite the apparent dire situation the world appears to be wallowing in, we have arrived at a point in our collective evolution where grand, sweeping changes of the most miraculous nature are about to be instituted the likes of which have never, ever been seen before.

We must realize, although admittedly, negativity and chaos can be quite disheartening on one level, on another they can be very motivational and illuminating. A negative situation more often than not gets people off their couches, to rise up and to take to the streets.

And that is precisely what we have seen happen since the turn of the millennium and continuing to increase each and every year. All of these responses by the people are having a very positive cumulative effect which has not gone unnoticed. And everywhere on every corner, in every town and city, people are standing up and saying –– enough is enough!

The 9/11 tragedy was easily the most horrific event in the history of the US since the Civil War. It has ushered in a far more draconian, fascist style of government which has touched every aspect of our lives –– from economics, to politics, to security, to travel, to media, to health care, to corporate greed, and on and on and on.

Blatant, almost willful corruption has followed in both government and corporations including multi-national bank bailouts; the Libor scandal; mortgage fraud and foreclosures; the IRS scandal; NSA spying; Fast & Furious gun running; illegal wars –– both attempted and with a few successfully launched –– throughout the Middle East.

Meanwhile, our so-called Federal government continues to enact some of the most bizarre legislation imaginable all clearly designed to rob of us of more and more of our innate, inalienable rights.

Yet beyond all of this criminality and wrongdoing has arisen an enormous amount of forthright initiatives as a direct response to the looming agenda of the New World Order. These initiatives have included various 9/11 truth groups; the Occupy Wall Street movement; WikiLeaks; Anonymous; the Arab Spring; Truckers for the Constitution; Oath Keepers; the BRICS Alliance; the World Global Settlements; the Global Collateral Accounts; various prosperity programs; the Global Currency Reset; the Restoration of the Republic; among many, many others.

In the end, despite all the negativity, despite all the corruption there is a brilliant light emerging on the horizon and it is growing every more bright by the day. And in its wake, a day of great reckoning is nearly upon us.

There are numerous reports from a wide variety of sources indicating the United States may be in store for some kind of major event to unfold as soon as this month, November 2013. Precisely the nature of this event (or events) remains a great mystery at this time.

However, some have speculated we may see anything from an announcement the US government has gone bankrupt; a take-down of the nation’s power grid; an implementation of a new financial system; the revaluation of many world currencies; mass arrests of the global elite by the US Military; a declaration of Martial Law; or any number of other striking measures.

Regardless, there seems to be an unprecedented amount of expectation something very significant is in the offing possibly before the Thanksgiving holidays, though as usual, it is an ever-fluid situation.

There exists a variety of circumstantial evidence which may offer some validity to back up at least some these claims. Speculation began back on August 16th when the New York Times published an expose of a possible disaster scenario entitled, “As Worries Over the Power Grid Rise, a Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blow”. The article began with the doom-ridden words: “The electric grid, as government and private experts describe it, is the glass jaw of American industry.”

On August 27th, just days before her resignation on September 1st, outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned of a coming “cyber event” which could potentially cripple the economy causing turmoil for nearly all Americans.

Then, on October 27th, the National Geographic Channel broadcast a show entitled, “American Blackout” which depicted a scenario where the entire power grid of the US went down all at once. At the conclusion of the program, it was none other than the United Nations portrayed as the hero of the story. Was this show a telegraph for events to come?

Further speculation are now centering upon the dates of November 13 & 14, 2013, when an agency called NERC (the North American Electric Reliability Corporation) along with other public and private entities will be conducting a drill they are calling GridEx II in as many as eight states, in addition to the countries of Mexico and Canada. Other sources are indicating the power grid could be shut down as early as November 11th by the CIA.

Of course, government and/or military drills have often proved to be a harbinger of far more horrific events to come as has been the case with the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 tragedy, the 7/7/05 London bus bombings, and many other staged terror episodes.

Needless to say, within the last two years alone there have been a number of highly bizarre incidents which have reached the nation's consciousness, notably Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombings, the DC Naval Yard incident, and most recently, the LAX shootings –– each and every one of a highly suspicious nature.

Benjamin Fulford, for one, reported on November 6th the White Hats within the US agencies could use a power grid interruption to co-ordinate a massive takeover of the banks and Wall Street in order to usher in a new financial system altogether.

Incidentally, November 11th (11.11.13) is also being cited as a significant date in Chinese numerology charts. In fact, some are wondering if the Asian Dragon families, who are rumored to be funding the Global Currency Reset, might be finally ready to flip the switch on a new financial system.

On another note, the Obama administration appears to be coming under ever-increasing criticism by the mainstream press for its handling of the NSA spying scandal, the Benghazi escapade and the roll-out of the Obamacare website, along with many other highly divisive issues. CNN, for one, has been openly questioning President Obama's leadership skills to be able to solve the many problems, as well as, his fundamental faith in the government.

Finally, David Wilcock also recently chimed in on the November timeline of events by commenting on a blog post: “To clarify, a ‘surprise’ is going to happen. We will not expect it. They are saying it will permanently change everyone’s lives in the Western world. Putin and the alliance is on the ascent. This is big, big, big stuff. The new economic system has already been worked out and there will be an across-the-board currency re-valuation. Even though the dollar will be worth less once this happens, the overall effect will be positive.”

Essentially, what seems likely is November 2013 will offer one of the greatest opportunities for a real paradigm shift the result of which will catapult humanity exponentially forward in evolution.

The Global Currency Reset we have often referenced during the year of 2013 is a direct response to the rampant criminality within the financial systems of the world. And for those who remain skeptical, you can be assured, the Global Currency Reset is still very much a real objective.

In the immortal words of Max Keiser of Russia Today from October 19, 2013 (Episode #512), “time to reset this sucker, the global financial system is kaputski! Time to rebuild something better, something less corrupt. In fact, this re-architecting of the global financial system is happening right now, as I speak these words. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, it is happening!” (See video below.)

Kaputski to global financial system - time to reset!

Yet here we sit, in the final two months of the year with nothing real tangible to show for all the anticipation of a reboot of the world’s currencies. Many weeks lingering into months have come and gone along with many hopes and desires fading away. Not to mention many bold predictions and prognostications.

We can attribute the delays to an all-too familiar culprit –– the international bankers and an insane New World Order cabal hellbent on derailing any positive movement forward for humanity.

Former World Bank attorney, Karen Hudes, one of the most outspoken whistleblowers of late, has rightly fingered the Jesuits and the Vatican as the head of the snake. As we have emphasized on many occasions, no matter what rabbit hole you venture down, all roads lead to Rome.

World Bank Whistleblower makes Startling Confession - Karen Hudes #N3

Ms. Hudes has publicly stated in a number of recent interviews the Jesuits and the Vatican sit at the very top of the food chain for the control of the world's money supply. In fact, she has pointed out the Vatican Bank is the recipient of 60% of all US tax dollars collected by the IRS after initially being funneled through the Bank of England, which takes a 40% cut off the top. In addition, she outlined how the Vatican use the birth certificate to create bonds on nearly everyone born in the US to back up the value of the dollar. (See more Karen Hudes interviews below.)

The IRS and birth certificate ponzi schemes are just one of many, many criminal enterprises about to be permanently cut off. This is precisely why the revaluation of currencies will begin the process of wiping away global debt, thereby making it possible to install a new stable, fair global economic system. Thus, the world will be pulled back from a planned economic disaster as envisioned by the Vatican, the international banksters and the global elite.

Indeed, the long anticipated Global Currency Reset has been brought to the point of implementation on a number of occasions throughout the later half of the year and the reverberations were felt throughout the system, particularly as it attempted to link with world-wide stock exchanges. In fact, not only did the NASDAQ Exchange go down several times on August 22nd, it crashed yet again on October 29th, and on November 1st.

Recently, it was learned as many as seven Wells Fargo bankers attempted to steal as much as $300 trillion earmarked for the GCR, then to leverage that sum on the trading platforms. These rogue bankers were caught and arrested but their crimes caused weeks of delay although all is back on track.

Other monkey wrenches have been thrown into the works by nefarious interests, nonetheless, there is a very determined effort to break the stranglehold of the international banksters through a number of economic initiatives currently in motion behind the scenes.

Make no mistake about it, the Global Currency Reset is a dagger right in the heart of the New World Order agenda for the total enslavement of the human race. Despite the fact the GCR has yet to take hold, there still appears a very concerted effort to kick start it into action.

This effort was highlighted by IMF and World Bank held their annual meetings in Washington, DC on the week of October 11- 13. Reportedly in attendance were nearly all the heads of central banks from around the world together to formalize a supreme effort to get the GCR finalized.

Perhaps initially, there may have been a consideration to limit the number of currencies to be revalued from the supposed number of 198, yet it appears the Iraqi Dinar is slated to be flying out of the starting gate at any time now. On October 29th, Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki paid a visit to Washington, DC on a begging mission for more military aid and US support to remain in office for a third term.

Apparently, Maliki left empty-handed yet may have been given firm marching orders to make an official announcement of his revalued currency, post haste. Consequently, many are poised on high alert throughout the rest of the month for the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar, although as usual, a specific date and rate remain unknown.

In other significant economic developments, October 8, 2013 marked the release of the glorious, new gold embossed $100 bill to the general public. Although much delayed, these bills were initially printed back in 2009 and thus feature former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s signature, rather than current Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's.

And unfortunately, the new $100 bill still contains the words “Federal Reserve Note” strategically placed on the upper left hand corner from the blue center divider bar. As we outlined in a previous news article, the left hand side of the $100 bill displays a plain, ordinary color scheme we have grown accustomed to thus representative of an old system. While the right hand side of the bill contains all the beautiful gold symbolism which may be a signal the US Treasury is about ready to make a major transition to an entirely new economic system.

Rumors persist yet another new redesigned $100 bill may be released in the near term which will be truly backed by gold and/or other precious metals when the US officially makes a triumphant return to the gold standard.

An official announcement of the gold standard could come at any time now. It is expected this new $100 bill will finally dispense with the Federal Reserve altogether and will instead read, “US Treasury Bill” or “Note,” very prominently.

Meanwhile, as time as whiled away, more and more people have awakened to the stark realization of the scope of the fraud within the world’s banking, legal, governmental and political systems. And to say the least the amount of fraud is nothing less than shocking!

Consequently, the recent government shutdown which began at the end of the fiscal year on September 30th, dragged on for nearly three weeks while Republicans and Democrats staged their usual dog and pony show as a distraction. The shutdown was blamed on the ongoing debate over Obamacare yet was more accurately about the impending bankruptcy of the fictional USA, Inc. shadow government, installed over our original Republic since at least the 1870’s.

Before the ink was even dry on the paperwork allowing the USA, Inc. to reopen for business, mainstream news reports were already openly suggesting there may be yet another government shutdown looming as early as January 2014.

Let’s be clear, the US people are not responsible for any debt whatsoever. It is the corporation, the USA, Inc., which is the responsible party for the so-called national debt, solely created by the international banking cartel who have hijacked the country.

And it is the USA corporation and the Federal Reserve which have become reviled the world over for standing in the way of the GCR and other measures. The world is ready for peace, prosperity and progress and the USA, Inc. must stand down now or risk being bowled over.

Apparently, many of these economic programs such as the GCR, the World Global Settlements, the Global Collateral Accounts, the CMKX settlements, various prosperity programs, etc. have been lumped together in one collective effort to wipe the slate clean. The objective will be to instill a knock-out punch the New World Order cabal will be unable to counter.

We await with baited breath.

On November 5, 2013, the hackativist group, Anonymous, who are believed to embody a collection of computer hackers, cyber geeks, civil resisters, sympathetic military members and NCO's, organized a global day of civil disobedience spanning at more than 450 locations around the world into 140 countries. By all accounts, the world-wide protest was a smashing success, despite the fact it was virtually ignored by the mainstream press. Russia Today, however, kept a running tally of events throughout the day.

We are Anonymous, not Guy Fawkes!

November 5th, of course, is a very important day of remembrance in England for the foiled attempt to blow up the British Parliament building in the year 1605 which would have decapitated the entire English monarchy, government and church in one fell swoop. Thus, it is has become infamously known as the Gunpowder Plot, or the equivalent of a 17th century-style 9/11.

The main target of the Gunpowder Plot was the relatively newly crowned King James I, who according to the history books was scorned by English Roman Catholics for failing to adequately honor their religious demands. Yet that is merely half the story.

The Jesuits and the Vatican desperately wanted to seize back control of England having lost it 100 years earlier when King Henry VIII severed ties with the Church of England from the Vatican in 1534 for having been excommunicated by Pope Clement VII on July 11, 1533.

Seventy years later, in far more turbulent times with the impending death of the virgin Queen Elizabeth I in 1603 and with no direct heirs in line, England was potentially weak and ripe for the taking by the Jesuits. Before her passing, Queen Elizabeth I wisely chose her cousin, the young King James VI of Scotland, to succeed her on the throne of England.

Nearly as soon as he became King James I of England, he immediately set upon uniting the diverse religions of the country by commissioning a re-translation of the Bible into what would become the King James version, eventually released in 1611. This act alone was likely most responsible for drawing the ire of the Vatican, thus undermining Rome's authority in all matters dealing with the Christian religion.

The masterminds of the assassination plot of King James I were a Jesuit Priest named Henry Garnet, along with a group of loyal Catholic henchmen led by Robert Catesby. The hired gun, and thus patsy of the plot, was an English soldier named Guido "Guy" Fawkes, who was a veteran of the Eighty Years' War on the side of Catholic Spain.

Ultimately, Fawkes became the poor sod caught on a ground floor room guarding thirty-six barrels (or approximately one ton) of gunpowder, enough to not only have killed everyone at the opening of Parliament, but would have caused catastrophic damage throughout the city of London. Therefore, the fateful day of November 5, 1605 is celebrated annually in England as Guy Fawkes Day (or Night), much like our July 4th, complete with fireworks, bonfires and celebrations.

November 5th is also a major part of the central story-line which runs through the film, "V for Vendetta" conceived and written by the Wachowski brothers, the same team which brought us "The Matrix" trilogy and "Cloud Atlas".

The mythical character of "V for Vendetta," simply known as "V", wears a Guy Fawkes-style mask, which has been adopted as a symbol by both Anonymous and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Although the film is quite captivating, it should be noted the life and deeds of Guy Fawkes were not heroic by any stretch. Fawkes was nothing more than a hired terrorist by the Jesuits to kill a noble King and to rip apart the country of England. Therefore, perhaps rather we should be mindful the masks worn by Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street as representative of the "V" character from the film and not the notorious Guy Fawkes.

The primary reason freedom is now a possibility for humanity is because a number of people –– perhaps even yourself –– have dared to dream of it. We have dared to dream the impossible dream.


To Dream the Impossible Dream |
Image courtesy of


The impossible dream is that the human race will live and prosper into a time long ago prophesied as the coming Golden Age. Or Heaven on Earth.

Thus, we can say in all certainty, the impossible dream is very much alive and well. In fact, it is about to explode into our reality like a thunderclap on a hot, summer day.

We are witnessing and participating in is the total collapse of 7,000 years (or perhaps even longer) of human slavery which has its origins all the way back to ancient Egypt. That is how far back the bloodlines of the controlling families who have held the human race in bondage reach.

The will of so many great souls is about to take root and blossom into a great and mighty tree. And the saga of a long, sad tale of human history is about to be transformed in the most profound fashion ever imaginable.

The collective will of those who burn with an intense desire for freedom will result in a spectacular, life-altering shift which will dramatically push the human experience into a higher state of being. A higher dimension, if you will.

This process well underway is an unstoppable force. It is an inevitability. It is a foregone conclusion.

Ultimately, we must realize we are freeing ourselves from the clutches of the human mind. Riddled with fears, phobias and misconceptions of the journey of the self, our ultimate challenge is to overcome the limitations of our conscious minds where we have created a world steeped in fear, lack and suffering.

This realization is the key to life. Our beliefs are what define us. Our thoughts are what determine our condition in life. The more unlimited we see ourself, the more of an unlimited life we can experience.

The bottom line is you are so much more powerful and so much more amazing than you have ever dared believe. As the Bible so eloquently states, “the Kingdom of Heaven lies within.” Thus, all the answers you seek are already within you.

The 3-D experience of life on planet Earth within the year 2013 is merely an illusion of an existence which is far grander and far greater. This greater and grander experience is now materializing before us at this very moment in history.

To this point, we have lived our lives within the confines of a prison. It is a prison with no bars, no door and no guards. Yet we have been completely enslaved by a total lack of awareness and understanding of more true perspective of the nature of our reality.

This prison exists as mental construct. It is enforced by a belief system which says we are limited, victims and powerless to a world we think is completely real.

The belief and unwavering faith in the ideals of our personal freedom unlocks the prison doors. Meditation, prayer and positive thinking will keep them wide open, permanently.

Have faith, stay strong and stay positive. And let go, and let God.

To dream ... the impossible dream ...
To fight ... the unbeatable foe ...
To bear ... with unbearable sorrow ...
To run ... where the brave dare not go ...
To right ... the unrightable wrong ...
To love ... pure and chaste from afar ...
To try ... when your arms are too weary ...
To reach ... the unreachable star ...

This is my quest, to follow that star ...
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far ...
To fight for the right, without question or pause ...
To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause ...

("The Impossible Dream (The Quest)" –– Composed by Mitch Leigh, Lyrics by Joe Darion.)

Samuel Ramey / The Impossible Dream

© 2013 MR Productions, LLC | All rights reserved

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