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Project Camelot: Bill Holmann - Journeys with the Crystal Skull


2012 Politics Radio Show: Part 1 of 2! audio recording

2012 Politics Radio Show: Part 1 of 2! article

Is October 26th the Bottom of the Markets?

David Childerly: No UFO's... What NOW?

David Childerly: No UFO's... Part 2 + EFT Tap

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News Updates 10-26-08:

Project Camelot video on the Crystal Skull;
New David Wilcock Audio “2012 Politics Radio Show: Part 1”;
more on October 14th UFO Event;

and Pineal Gland Additions

News | October 26, 2008
Reported by Scott Mowry |

Here are some of the latest news developments that have unfolded for the last week of October, 2008.

• Project Camelot has released a fascinating interview with Bill Holmann, who owns the world famous Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull that was discovered in a Maya ruin site in 1924 by Anna Mitchell-Hedges. Anna was the daughter of renowned British explorer and adventurist, F. A. Mitchell-Hedges, who is often referred to as "the real life Indiana Jones." Anna Mitchell-Hedges willed the crystal skull to Bill Holmann upon her death in 2007.

The latest in the series of Indiana Jones' movies, starring Harrison Ford, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," attempted to capture much of the intrigue and mystery that surrounds the crystal skull legends. There is believed to be a total of thirteen crystal skulls around the world, with the Mitchell-Hedges being the most famous.

"The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" premiered this summer and, ironically, was released on DVD, just this past week. The movie also featured a heavy UFO/alien theme that seems very timely, given all that has unfolded on that front, this year alone.

You can read our review of the the latest "Indiana Jones" movie in our Film section and also find much more information on the cry stall skulls.

You can click on this link to view the Project Camelot interview with Bill Holmann in its entirety: Project Camelot: Bill Holmann - Journeys with the Crystal Skull.

David Wilcock has recorded a special audio blog for his continuing series entitled, "2012 Politics," in which he discusses the upcoming Presidential election, among other timely topics. He now foresees a resounding defeat for the Neo-Cons, and a victory for Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

"The morning after I watched the third and final Presidential debate, I was quite relieved to get a dream telling me that it was all over. Even with all the dirty tricks that stole the last two elections in place, the overwhelming likelihood is for a substantial defeat of the Neo cons. I was told that a factor of 17 may be involved, or something close to it," he writes.

Thus far, David has penned four other articles under the "2012 Politics" theme, which have detailed the massive changes and transitions the world is undergoing at this time.

For more detailed information on this latest recording entitled "2012 Politics Radio Show: Part 1 of 2!" visit our David Wilcock audio section.

As an addendum, David added another important piece worth reading entitled, "Is October 26th the Bottom of the Markets?," where he foresees a bottoming out of the stock market followed by fortuitous up-turn in the economy shortly thereafter.

You might find the audio recording, along with these two articles, quite inspiring, and at the very least, very informative!

The reverberations of the disappointment from the failed appearance of a 2000-mile long space ship on October 14, 2008, continues to ripple across the internet. To address that disappointment, EFT master, David Childerly (left), created some specially tailored videos you might find encouraging and comforting.

The first is entitled "No UFO's... What NOW?," while the second is "No UFO's... Part 2 + EFT Tap."

And finally, we have updated our Pineal Gland section with a whole new page of extra information. There is an amazing connection between the pineal gland and the Christmas celebration, Santa Claus, Jesus and the Vatican. It is an incredible story!

This legend is told very well and in great detail within a fabulous video entitled, "The Pharmacratic Inquisition," which was originally released in 2004, and later updated in 2006. "The Pharmacratic Inquisition," though quite similar to "Zeitgeist," actually predates it by two years.

This is an excellent film covering religion, the story of Jesus, ancient cultures, symbolism, the pineal gland, DMT, entheogens and much, much more. We highly recommend it, if you have not yet taken the opportunity to view it. "The Pharmacratic Inquisition" DVD can also be purchased through our store.

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